Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Had To Be Me - Love Poems

Had to be me
Goods for your patience and help
We used to keep my hands
See the world without support ...

I wonder how you will ever know
The uncertainty in my mind
Your instant never called complete
Saying "I love you" every day ...

We have our ups and downs
Problems mischievous side, we
But you think that I
Every time I think to say "Goodbye!"

They are surrounded by Aroha
If you say, "You're always in my nature to be"
I love when I find solace
Your arms around me, embrace me ...

Had to be me
If more and more fragmented
Were to provide patient ear
When I go on and on ...

I look forward to leading the life of adventure
My journey with you in tow
I want me grow old with you
And for his life came to an end that is always there.



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